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We understand your design needs.

Air3Fire offer fully accredited, third-party inspections for both fire doors and fire stopping compartmentation. 

Whether your requirement is for a single building, or a full estate, our expert teams are on hand to deliver detailed surveys.

Article 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, in respect of the requirement for maintenance of fire safety provisions, states that it is advisable to set up a regular planned preventative maintenance programme for completed works.

In relation to compartmentation, the following guidance could be adopted in accordance with BS 9999: 2017

It is essential for the safety of the occupants of a building that passive fire protection provisions are inspected frequently. Although much of the inspection can be undertaken by suitably trained personnel, a formal agreement should be made with the installer or the installer’s representative to provide the regular inspection and testing described in the relevant British Standards for individual fire safety installations.

To satisfy your needs Air3Fire, offer a range of surveys and reports tailored to the client’s unique circumstance and priorities.


Standard Survey: known as an "invasive" survey, this type involves reviewing the entire building area, including looking into the harder to reach areas like the area on top of suspended ceilings and roof voids


Indicative Survey: an indicative survey is like a "standard" compartmentation survey, although this is conducted only on chosen walls, floors, or areas of the premises


Enhanced Survey: this is a "standard" survey with the addition of indicative destructive works, which usually includes a percentage of areas that have been identified to be investigated further. This usually includes 10% of soil vent pipes and 5% of behind architraves


Destructive Survey: this is an "intrusive" survey with a scope of opening certain areas to have a fuller understanding of installations or the building construction with works that include the areas identified in the enhanced survey option, but with the possibility of higher percentages



75% of all fire deaths are caused by smoke inhalation

Over half of fire related deaths occurred in rooms where the fire did not originate

Smoke can fill a 20x20x20 foot room through a pencil sized hole in less than 4 minutes




A unique identifying number for each item


Room Type

Required fire rating

Penetration type

Seal type

Survey date and project details